[Eweouz] help using eweouz-complete

Matt Price matt.price at utoronto.ca
Thu Nov 13 17:20:31 CET 2008


i'm an emacs user but not an emacs-mailer -- i haven't used gnus, vm,
mh-e, or any of the other emacs mail programs.  however i'm trying to
move to a mostly-emacs environment, os i want to be able to compose
messages in emacs, then very quickly send them out to someone on my
evolution or gmail contacts list (fortunately, i already have gmail
contacts in evolution).  can you help me figure out the easiest way to
use eweouz to do this?  i have installed eweouz and put the mode hooks
in my .emacs, but i am getting an error when trying to use C-Tab in
"let*: not enough arguments for format string"  -- i have the feeling
also that no search is really being done on the string i've already
typed -- in the message minibuffer i see large numbers flash by before i
get the final error message.

anyway thanks very much for your help!


Matt Price
matt.price at utoronto.ca

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