[mpm-itk] Ubuntu mpm-itk package bug

Uday MOORJANI uday.moorjani at mediaserv-corp.net
Mon Jun 9 16:19:55 CEST 2008

Hi guys,

Bug #1:

I think there is a bug with apache2-mpm-itk bug, it's not possible to
install prefork-dev for dso module compilation without uninstalling mpm-itk.
When an admin wants to compile dso modules with apxs, it's not possible for
him to do so. I'm trying to compile mod_security2.so and no luck I have to
revert to prefork.

Bug #2 :

There is a current upgrade for apache2.2-common and it's not related to
mpm-itk, we are downgrading to an earlier version of the given package. This
could cause problems if the package was a security update or an annoying

Just thought I'de let you know, there is no bug id related to these in
ubuntu launchpad, thought I'de take it here first before going to launchpad.

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