[mpm-itk] server load problems

Dominique 'NetAndroid' Schramm lists at schramm.es
Sun Jul 10 18:59:22 CEST 2011


first of all thanks for your great work. actually i use suphp at lots of
servers. the performance is worse than mpm-itk. but with mpm-itk i
noticed, that after round 20 hours the server begans to create a lot of
cpu load.

some vhosts has cpu load of 20.0 (apache status info) and do nothing.
the apache status said that these childs make an answer to the client.
but the server outgoing is minimalistic.

i use the mpm-itk from debian lenny-backports (an upgrade to squeeze is
actual not possible)

have you any idea why the mpm-itk has such high load?

debian lenny
eaccelerator (latest)

Dominique 'NetAndroid' Schramm
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