[mpm-itk] apc cache ("answer" after long time)

Dzianis Kahanovich mahatma at bspu.unibel.by
Mon Dec 3 18:44:05 CET 2012

Better later then nothing;).
Somebody asks about APC PHP cache & mpm-itk long time ago.

No. Better to not use APC now. Long time I use this cache & have multiple "child
died" message and even do apache health verify in cron (even with vanilla
mpm-itk). This is only becouse similar project "eaccelerator" temporary
stagnating and do not support PHP 5.4. Now all OK and better to use eaccelerator
(from github) - no problems even with vfork() (I in doubts only about cache

PS All about apache 2.2

WBR, Dzianis Kahanovich AKA Denis Kaganovich, http://mahatma.bspu.unibel.by/

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