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Gianluca Zamagni gianluca at thirdeye.it
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Il giorno 03/dic/2012, alle ore 19:52, Tino Didriksen <tino at didriksen.cc> ha scritto:

> As a counterpoint, I've used APC with MPM-ITK on Apache 2.2.x for years without any problems. Most recently, via Ubuntu Server's apache2-mpm-itk and php-apc packages. Getting it all into a Just Works state is as simple as apt-get install apache2-mpm-itk php-apc
> Before that setup, I had to modify the ITK sources to allow more shared memory capabilities, but it worked.

Me too. Using it on Debian 64 Bit since six months, on 20 servers with at least 200 account per server. Just compiled APC from pear, but it works like a charm.

The only thing I've noted is that old CMS (like Joomla 1.5) have some issues in this configuration, but just disable APC from the .htaccess for these virtualhost and you're good to go.

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