[mpm-itk] apc cache ("answer" after long time)

Dzianis Kahanovich mahatma at bspu.unibel.by
Tue Dec 4 12:43:03 CET 2012

One more: possible difference with Ubuntu can be:
Gentoo trying to force non-threaded versions of php/mod_php with non-threaded
MPMs (so, Gentoo installs all from sources with compile-time flags). But APR -
paradox - built with auto-detected threads (on). It easy to fix and sometimes I
think about it, but do not trying to make it with/without threads. Ubuntu (IMHO)
installing more unifyed binary versions (threaded PHP + non-threaded Apache-ITK)?

Dzianis Kahanovich пишет:
> I don't fix time of starting problems, but it can be related from versions
> (apache, etc). Last "working" state was random "child died on signal 11" (not
> precise), but all still working (under reverse proxy acceleration). Only
> sometimes apache died whole, checked in cron. Also I use vfork() in mpm-itk,
> IMHO first time with APC it works good, but after some of updates it died same.
> I use Gentoo with "~amd64/~x86" flags - "developer" or "unstable" (just latest
> versions of packages). Also APC used with flags "lock_spinlock mmap" (default
> locking threaded and don't work with mpm-itk).
> May be your shared memory ITK modifications crytical? But eaccelerator "just
> work" without pain.
> Tino Didriksen пишет:
>> As a counterpoint, I've used APC with MPM-ITK on Apache 2.2.x for years
>> without any problems. Most recently, via Ubuntu Server's apache2-mpm-itk
>> and php-apc packages. Getting it all into a Just Works state is as simple
>> as apt-get install apache2-mpm-itk php-apc
>> Before that setup, I had to modify the ITK sources to allow more shared
>> memory capabilities, but it worked.
>> -- Tino Didriksen
>> On Mon, Dec 3, 2012 at 6:44 PM, Dzianis Kahanovich
>> <mahatma at bspu.unibel.by>wrote:
>>> Better later then nothing;).
>>> Somebody asks about APC PHP cache & mpm-itk long time ago.
>>> No. Better to not use APC now. Long time I use this cache & have multiple
>>> "child
>>> died" message and even do apache health verify in cron (even with vanilla
>>> mpm-itk). This is only becouse similar project "eaccelerator" temporary
>>> stagnating and do not support PHP 5.4. Now all OK and better to use
>>> eaccelerator
>>> (from github) - no problems even with vfork() (I in doubts only about cache
>>> security).
>>> PS All about apache 2.2

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