[mpm-itk] apc cache ("answer" after long time)

Dzianis Kahanovich mahatma at bspu.unibel.by
Thu Dec 6 14:27:50 CET 2012

Fixed "in latest release"? :) Oh, no, not panish system again now.

Problem last seen on PHP 5.4.8 ("Released: 18 Oct 2012"), APC from git. I can
upgrade to 5.4.9, but no more tests now.

Peter Thomassen пишет:
> Sorry to spam the list with this slightly unrelated APC stuff. It looks like
> there has been a fix for the dying children problem, see
> https://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=62996
> ... at least for occasions when this was independent of itk. (I think nobody has
> shown yet that is has to do anything with itk.)
> On 12/05/2012 04:49 PM, Peter Thomassen wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I also see this issue with APC + itk in a bit less than 0.1% of the
>> requests to .php files.
>> I recently switched to XCache due to another issue I was experiencing
>> (APC cache was occasionally corrupted for Joomla installations).
>> So far, with XCache everything is fine.
>> Best,
>> Peter
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