[mpm-itk] mpm-itk 2.4.4-04 released

Steinar H. Gunderson sgunderson at bigfoot.com
Sun Mar 3 20:26:11 CET 2013


I released 2.4.4-04 a few days ago. This is a small bugfix release for the
2.4.x series. The changelog is as follows:

  mpm-itk 2.4.4-04, released 2013-02-28:
    - Make seccomp.c compile on 64-bit x86. Based on a bug report
      and patch from Hans Kristian Rosbach.
    - Fix a few compiler warnings, including a bug that could cause
      confusing behavior if fork() failed. Now failing fork() should
      reliably result in 500 Internal Server Error being sent.

As always, http://mpm-itk.sesse.net/ is the place to download.

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