[mpm-itk] different AssignUserID in <Location> and <Directory>

Andre Hoepner (i.based: Systemhaus GmbH + Co. KG) a.hoepner at ibased.de
Thu Mar 14 08:06:50 CET 2013

> Which version of mpm-itk are you using?

I have no idea. Sorry for this, but im absolutly unable to find
that version in my apache environment.
I use gentoo linux and the mpm-itk is bundled in standard apache 
package. There is no information in the package-system too.

I 've enabled /server-info and got following lines, but there is
also no version number.

Can you give me a hint, how to get this version information?

output of /server-info

Module Name: itk.c
Content handlers: none
Configuration Phase Participation: Create Directory Config, Merge 
Directory Configs, Create Server Config
Request Phase Participation: Header Parse
Module Directives:
     User - Effective user id for this server
     Group - Effective group id for this server
     ChrootDir - The directory to chroot(2) into
     ListenBacklog - Maximum length of the queue of pending connections, 
as used by listen(2)
     Listen - A port number or a numeric IP address and a port number, 
and an optional protocol
     SendBufferSize - Send buffer size in bytes
     ReceiveBufferSize - Receive buffer size in bytes
     StartServers - Number of child processes launched at server startup
     MinSpareServers - Minimum number of idle children, to handle 
request spikes
     MaxSpareServers - Maximum number of idle children
     MaxClients - Maximum number of children alive at the same time
     ServerLimit - Maximum value of MaxClients for this run of Apache
     AssignUserID - Tie a virtual host to a specific child process.
     MaxClientsVHost - Maximum number of children alive at the same time 
for this virtual host.
     NiceValue - Set nice value for the given vhost, from -20 (highest 
priority) to 19 (lowest priority).
     GracefulShutdownTimeout - Maximum time in seconds to wait for child 
processes to complete transactions during shutdown



Andre, a.hoepner at ibased.de

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