[mpm-itk] question about shared cgi scripts and itk (i.e. mod_itk mpm-itk , etc)

fhdata at unm.edu fhdata at unm.edu
Tue Apr 15 23:56:42 CEST 2014


we're evaluating to see if mod_itk is right thing for us  for
mulch-tenency (multi-user) web hosting environment .....

this is under vanilla  linux / apache environment where
httpd is  the   httpd-itk-2.2.22-6 coming from EPEL repository .....


we have a bunch of shared odds-and-ends cgi scripts sitting under
/var/www/cgi-bin   formsend.pl ,etc,etc ....

ordinary user can not execute those scripts   unless script's perm is 755

Is that normal?  is that how it should be when itk is used....

thank you,

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