[mpm-itk] question about shared cgi scripts and itk (i.e. mod_itk mpm-itk , etc)

Christoph Roethlisberger christoph.roethlisberger at iway.ch
Wed Apr 16 12:12:18 CEST 2014

> Question:
> we have a bunch of shared odds-and-ends cgi scripts sitting under
> /var/www/cgi-bin   formsend.pl ,etc,etc ....
> ordinary user can not execute those scripts   unless script's perm is 755
> Is that normal?  is that how it should be when itk is used....
> F-

Yes, that is so and expected behaviour. (we do the same for stuff like shared Typo3 sources)
It also makes sense, from a permissions perspective, as all these users belong to "others" when it comes to these scripts.

Well, you may be able to create an additional group on your server where you add all these users to.
After that you should be able to change the group ownership of these scripts to it and set the permissions to 750.


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