[mpm-itk] Module vs MPM (Installation Issues and Confusion)

Gibbs linux at danielgibbs.net
Mon May 5 17:52:17 CEST 2014


I am having issues installing ITK on Ubuntu Server 14.04 but I believe 
these are issues with a Puppet (software CM) module and not ITK itself. 
It has led me to some questions though.

 1. Does the ITK MPM have a dependency on Prefork MPM?
 2. Is ITK a module as well as an MPM?

The issue I am having is that the Puppet Apache module only allows one 
MPM and forcefully removes anything else. I see in the load file that 
ITK 'Depends: mpm_prefork' but Prefork has 'Conflicts: ... mpm_itk' ?? 
Also enabling mpm_itk forces mpm_prefork to load.

Any help clearing up my confusion appreciated :).


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