[mpm-itk] mpm-itk feedback and questions

fhdata fhdata at unm.edu
Thu May 15 01:35:36 CEST 2014


My relatively  comprehensive testing of mpm-itk has been very positive.

mpm-itk's simplicity is fine but the main
key success is that implementing
privilege-management through mpm-itk
is 100%/complete.  (unlike fcgid or fastcgi which is not)

I am using httpd-itk via epel.

How often mpm-itk publisher update httpd-itk
I am downloading from epel?
i.e. if there is a security in rhel apache (httpd)
and they fix it,  will I see that fix reflect
in a new httpd-itk appearing on epel -- if yes, how quickly?
Or, is this a wrong place for me to post this question?

How would mpm-itk scale up in a scenario of let say
1000 websites served of  a  six load-balanced apache server farm?
websites are fairly dynamic but not heavily.

Thank you,

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