[mpm-itk] mpm-itk and mod_userdir on Apache 2.4 (Debian 9)

Dave Hall kdhall at binghamton.edu
Fri May 17 17:30:04 UTC 2019

Please pardon if this has already been discussed or solved.

I am running Apache 2.4 in an academic environment where we use 
mod_userdir to teach web programming.  Apparently suphp is now defunct, 
and php-fpm seems very burdensome for the number of users we have.

I've seen various references to using mpm-itk with userdir, but none of 
the examples I've found discuss where to place the config or any other 
requirements (i.e the startup userid for Apache - does it have to be 
root for ITK to work?).

Can anybody provide a detailed config for a working installation?  
Alternatively, if it has been decided that userdir with mpm-itk just 
doesn't work, please tell me.



Dave Hall
Binghamton University
kdhall at binghamton.edu
607-760-2328 (Cell)
607-777-4641 (Office)

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