[mpm-itk] mpm-itk and mod_userdir on Apache 2.4 (Debian 9)

Patrick Proniewski patpro at patpro.net
Fri May 17 18:20:30 UTC 2019


I'm using a comparable setup (on FreeBSD). 
You are right about the default UID, it's root but you don't have anything to do about that (don't change User and Group directives in httpd.conf).

And you'll probably have to setup a config for every user who will publish web pages (it's what I've done).
I've a script to provision user accounts, this script grant student access (/etc/group), create DB, and create an apache config file (one per user):


with content like this:

<Directory /user/<LOGIN>/public_html>
        AssignUserID <LOGIN> <GID>

Be sure to setup text-only error messages. Don't use: 

ErrorDocument 400 /error/HTTP_BAD_REQUEST.html.var
ErrorDocument 401 /error/HTTP_UNAUTHORIZED.html.var
ErrorDocument 403 /error/HTTP_FORBIDDEN.html.var

but use:

ErrorDocument 404 "404 file not found"
ErrorDocument 400 "400 HTTP_BAD_REQUEST"
ErrorDocument 401 "401 HTTP_UNAUTHORIZED"

(full explanation: <https://www.patpro.net/blog/index.php/2013/03/30/2442-track-mpm-itk-problems-with-truss/> )


> On 17 mai 2019, at 19:30, Dave Hall <kdhall at binghamton.edu> wrote:
> Please pardon if this has already been discussed or solved.
> I am running Apache 2.4 in an academic environment where we use mod_userdir to teach web programming.  Apparently suphp is now defunct, and php-fpm seems very burdensome for the number of users we have.
> I've seen various references to using mpm-itk with userdir, but none of the examples I've found discuss where to place the config or any other requirements (i.e the startup userid for Apache - does it have to be root for ITK to work?).
> Can anybody provide a detailed config for a working installation?  Alternatively, if it has been decided that userdir with mpm-itk just doesn't work, please tell me.
> Thanks.
> -Dave
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