[mpm-itk] mpm-itk and mod_userdir on Apache 2.4 (Debian 9)

Dave Hall kdhall at binghamton.edu
Fri May 17 18:45:36 UTC 2019


Debian, by default, creates user www-data and uses this to run Apache.  
Changing to run as root certainly isn't very attractive - maybe in a 
container.   OTOH when I set AssignUserId in a virtual host config, it 
seems to work.  So I guess the trick is your technique of a <Directory> 
section per user will probably work under Debian.


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On 5/17/2019 2:20 PM, Patrick Proniewski wrote:
> Hello
> I'm using a comparable setup (on FreeBSD).
> You are right about the default UID, it's root but you don't have anything to do about that (don't change User and Group directives in httpd.conf).
> And you'll probably have to setup a config for every user who will publish web pages (it's what I've done).
> I've a script to provision user accounts, this script grant student access (/etc/group), create DB, and create an apache config file (one per user):
> modules.d/999_itk_php_<LOGIN>.conf
> with content like this:
> <Directory /user/<LOGIN>/public_html>
>          AssignUserID <LOGIN> <GID>
> </Directory>
> Be sure to setup text-only error messages. Don't use:
> ErrorDocument 400 /error/HTTP_BAD_REQUEST.html.var
> ErrorDocument 401 /error/HTTP_UNAUTHORIZED.html.var
> ErrorDocument 403 /error/HTTP_FORBIDDEN.html.var
> but use:
> ErrorDocument 404 "404 file not found"
> ErrorDocument 400 "400 HTTP_BAD_REQUEST"
> ErrorDocument 401 "401 HTTP_UNAUTHORIZED"
> (full explanation: <https://www.patpro.net/blog/index.php/2013/03/30/2442-track-mpm-itk-problems-with-truss/> )
> patpro
>> On 17 mai 2019, at 19:30, Dave Hall <kdhall at binghamton.edu> wrote:
>> Please pardon if this has already been discussed or solved.
>> I am running Apache 2.4 in an academic environment where we use mod_userdir to teach web programming.  Apparently suphp is now defunct, and php-fpm seems very burdensome for the number of users we have.
>> I've seen various references to using mpm-itk with userdir, but none of the examples I've found discuss where to place the config or any other requirements (i.e the startup userid for Apache - does it have to be root for ITK to work?).
>> Can anybody provide a detailed config for a working installation?  Alternatively, if it has been decided that userdir with mpm-itk just doesn't work, please tell me.
>> Thanks.
>> -Dave
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